Topia Move's fully managed services delivery provides modern relocation management by bringing together technology and relocation services into a fully configurable, single system to move your employees anywhere in the world, following any policy type you choose.


Increase HR efficiency with improved visibility and access


Scale your business with access to our global supply chain


Ensure alignment across your mobility program

Topia Move

Key Features

  • Topia’s Relocation Services (supply chain management, expense management, home sale, Topia Advocates)

  • Dashboard view with key information about your program and outstanding tasks for HR

  • Initiate relocations and corresponding services with a single online form from your HR hub, or automatically when you hire from abroad

  • Integrates with existing HCM/HRIS systems to ensure accurate employee data

  • Basic cost estimate and balance sheet generation

  • Powerful Mobility Analytics for detailed reporting and analytics

  • Pairs with Topia Go

We take a digital first approach to relocation management

Through a single online hub, Topia Move simplifies relocation management by bringing together our global supply chain, expense management, homesale, employee support and mobility management processes into a single product that can integrate with your existing HR and payroll systems.

Topia Move - 1

Fully managed supply chain ensures program success

Topia provides a fully managed global supply chain to ensure your relocating employees have access to industry’s best partners across any benefit category. Our Topia Advocates offer the personal 24/7 support support to complement the online tools of Topia Go.

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Customize, access and view your program data anytime

Topia’s integrated approach to mobility management enables us to easily provide all of your program data across spend, employee status, immigration, tax and more. Our data and analytics tool is built into the HR experience with users able to configure reports, customize dashboards and access their live data at anytime.

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Carfax is on a mission to help millions of people. As our journey continues, we need to find the best and brightest to join our team. Topia helps us bring that top talent to Carfax so we can be successful well into the 21st century.

Topia’s unique technology has helped us move and manage our mobile workforce to achieve our business goals.

New technology has allowed us to glean insights from our operations that we otherwise wouldn’t really know or think about. The addition of Topia supports our mobility efforts by making the movement of our employees more efficient and giving us real-time information on our people moves.

John Le
Group Reward Director

Topia has been very client-centric in meeting our needs in developing policies. They have been a great partner.

Warner Music Group

I very much enjoyed the Topia platform. [It is] very simple to navigate the website when adding a move, and they handled every part of the vendor interaction without me having to be actively involved.