Topia Go puts the employee back in control of their move with modern, data-driven mobile and online tools. Topia Go gives employees peace of mind about their move, paints a clear picture of life in their new destination, and provides easy access to live support whenever it’s needed.

Topia for relocating employees

Increase efficiency and focus of HR teams


Slash administrative overhead and boost communications


Maximize employee engagement and retention


Key Features

  • Dashboard view of the move status, upcoming tasks, and relocation timeline

  • Uniquely configured for your relocating employees

  • Interactive City Guides including our dynamic Neighborhood Planner (in select cities)

  • Editorial content mixed with visual content and data widgets, quantifying 600+ dimensions of cost & quality of life

  • Compare price quotes, book relocation services and receive automatic service updates

  • Ability to submit expenses and bank details, and track payment status through approval and payout phases

  • Live Chat support (when purchased with Topia Move*)

  • Pairs with Topia Manage (for City Guides, Neighborhood Explorer, and Tasks) and Topia Move.

  • Available as a smartphone app

Deliver a modern relocation experience for employees

Relocating employees deserve an experience that mirrors how they already manage their everyday lives as users of modern consumer apps. With Topia, employees have access to powerful online tools within an intuitive interface with live and custom information. Paired with 24/7 live support, the result is engaged employees with peace of mind knowing the status of their relocation, at every step of the way.
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Reduce HR time supporting relocating employees

Employees supported by Topia have all the relevant information about their move right at their fingertips. And when they have a question, Topia is available 24/7 to help them along the way. HR managers also enjoy the flexibility to send tasks and files directly to the employee. The result for HR is a reduction in the number of phone calls and emails required to support an employee on assignment or relocation, while employees enjoy smoother moves with greater satisfaction.

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Take Topia Go with you while on the move

The Topia Go mobile app lets employees access key features and functionality directly from their smartphone. Employees can learn more about their new city, manage expenses, and action key tasks from HR from anywhere with their internet-enabled smart device. The mobile app is included for all Topia Go customers. To test drive the app, download it free of charge and access the San Francisco city guide and Neighborhood search limited features. Download the mobile app here


Carfax is on a mission to help millions of people. As our journey continues, we need to find the best and brightest to join our team. Topia helps us bring that top talent to Carfax so we can be successful well into the 21st century.

Topia’s unique technology has helped us move and manage our mobile workforce to achieve our business goals.

New technology has allowed us to glean insights from our operations that we otherwise wouldn’t really know or think about. The addition of Topia supports our mobility efforts by making the movement of our employees more efficient and giving us real-time information on our people moves.

John Le
Group Reward Director

Topia has been very client-centric in meeting our needs in developing policies. They have been a great partner.

Warner Music Group

I very much enjoyed the Topia platform. [It is] very simple to navigate the website when adding a move, and they handled every part of the vendor interaction without me having to be actively involved.