Mobility management tools

Spend more time on talent strategy than administration. Our HR tools leverage configured workflows to automate the authorization process and remove redundant manual tasks. With the relocation supply chain integrated into our solution, you can authorize moves with a single online form and track their status in real time. Because Topia integrates with existing HR systems, manual data entry is  eliminated.

Configure policies, reports, and more to match how you’re already operating, plus approve exceptions and escalations as needed. With role-based access, users see only the information they need. Document generation, storage, and management keep you organized.

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As a growing company expanding globally, we needed to formalize our talent mobility function. We looked at traditional relocation management companies but quickly determined they didn’t have the technology platform to support our growth plans. Topia can deliver the scalability, process expertise, regulatory support, and employee relocation support key to Procore’s continued success.”

Steve Mair

Vice President, Talent, Procore

Payroll and compensation management

Topia provides instant, configurable cost estimates and balance sheets, with built-in tax logic for more than 100 countries. Our proprietary tax engine offers complete transparency for gross-up calculations and hypothetical tax. Track your actual spend versus the estimate, including any exceptions.

Streamline your payment operations, too. We provide automated payroll instructions and comp collection based on your unique requirements, and integrate with your payroll platforms.

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Payroll and compensation management

Data and insights

Access to real-time reporting and analytics helps you efficiently manage your mobility program. All the fields, forms, and reports are uniquely configured to your program, so all the data you see is in the format you need to see it in. With all of your data in one place, in the format you need it, Topia eliminates the year-end payroll scramble.

With complete transparency of your program data, including spend, you can make more strategic business decisions, such as developing mobility as a benefit program or identifying cost savings for your program and service providers.

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Data and insights

Receive the right level of service and support

The Topia team supports you and your program with policy consulting and benchmarking, as well as program implementation and ongoing guidance.

Services offered include everything from global expense management and supply chain management to payroll and compensation. Our fully managed supply chain covers all relocation and assignment services, and leverages industry-leading service providers with tracked and managed service and satisfaction scores.

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