30+ nationalities from six continents: Our team reflects the global mindset and diversity we champion. It’s what helps us pursue the best solutions to the most complex global mobility challenges.

But despite our differences, there are several things we share. Our executive team and board members have an average of 15+ years of experience in their respective fields. And we’ve all personally dealt with the challenge of relocating. This only increases our empathy and enthusiasm for simplifying mobility management.

Executive Team

Shawn Farshchi
Chief Executive Officer
Sten Tamkivi
Chief Product Officer
Terry Schmid
Chief Financial Officer
Randy Barr
Chief Information Security Officer
Neha Mirchandani
Chief Marketing Officer
Steve Black
Chief Strategy Officer
Jacky Cohen
Vice President, People & Culture
Bill Mastin
Senior Vice President, Sales and Services
Elaine Foreman
General Counsel
Will Toms
Vice President, Customer Success


Shawn Farshchi
Brynne Kennedy
Jazmin Medina
NewView Capital
Jos White
General Partner
Notion Capital
Mike Ettling
Unit 4
Shashank Samant
Global Logic

See where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

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