Align mobility and talent to achieve success in 2019.

Mobility is changing. A recent survey found that the link between talent and mobility is rapidly growing for today's global organizations.

Professionals often want the chance to relocate, but often don't know they can. And on the flip side, nearly all HR execs in the U.S. (96%) and the U.K. (97%) know the value of relocation programs but need better ways of communicating and managing them.

Join us for a lively panel discussion where we will discuss how to use mobility as a tool to unlocking talent strategy.

Hear from Jennifer Farris (CEO of Squadley), Matthew Burns (Managing Director, Tullow International HR Consulting) and Danae Bentley (Solutions Consulting Management at Topia) as they discuss:

  • How to better align mobility and talent management strategies to achieve success
  • The critical role mobility is playing in recruitment, retention and career growth 
  • Common trends in successful mobility programs and how you can replicate them
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