Empower your employees to control their relocation

Moving is challenging enough. Our tools make it easy for your employees to plan and organize their relocation, and understand the benefits included with their move. An interactive task list and notifications ensure employees stay on track with key dates, and document management allows them to store all their files in one convenient place—for you and for them.

Employees can book our managed partners and get real-time updates on the status of these services. There’s never any guessing when household goods will arrive or where in the world their items are.

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Topia’s unique technology has helped us move and manage our mobile workforce to achieve our business goals."


Help your employees feel at home

Getting your employees to their destination is only half the challenge in relocation. Helping them feel comfortable and confident with their new location is the other half.

Topia provides employees with interactive City Guides created with relocation in mind. The guides offer employees valuable insights about their new destination and answers to important logistical questions, such as how to set up a bank account or local utilities. City Guides also include a neighborhood scanner to identify areas employees may feel most at home.

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The right level of service and support

Your employees have 24/7 access to a Topia Advocate who can coordinate services, manage escalations, and communicate policy benefits. This dedicated support via phone, chat, and email gives employees complete peace of mind. Our team also manages the entire supply chain, meaning if an issue arises, we’re there to step in and solve it on behalf of the employee.

On the administrative side, Topia streamlines assignment benefit management, payments of cash allowances, and ongoing expense reimbursement. Employees can focus on learning their new city and on-boarding in their new job without admin tasks getting in the way.

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