On Demand Webinar

Mergers and Acquisitions provide a unique opportunity for the GM professional to influence many differing activities within HR and the Business. It provides the potential to build more effective networks across the business and to build trusting relationships with colleagues to address long standing issues, apply best practice and develop the framework for ongoing continuous improvement activity across the full spectrum of GM activities

In this webinar, attendees will:

  • Understand where GM professionals should get involved in an M&A
  • Recognise the opportunity for the GM professionals to improve their visibility to senior management across the Company
  • Understand the types of issues to be considered in an M&A
  • Recognise the benefit of broad networking across the Company

Join Peter Hawthorne, Global Mobility Transformation consultant, as he outlines the steps to be taken by a GM professional during a M&A, as he draws on his own experience when leading the GM function through the GSK merger. 


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