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Today there are virtually unlimited and diverse technologies to help you manage your globally mobile workforce, from point solutions to apps to integrated end-to-end platforms. Technology solutions pop up seemingly every day for nearly every mobility area of focus including employee on-boarding, immigration, relocation logistics, and almost every aspect of the relationship with the employee. Understanding the various types of technologies, being able to define the benefits for them, and matching your organization's needs to these solutions is crucial in making the right decisions about where you invest your time, budget, and focus to address the specific challenges your organization is facing. 

In this webinar, join Michael Ray, Director of Customer Success Strategy as he looks at critical items to consider when thinking of investing in global mobility management technology, including:

  • Defining your organizational goals
  • Review the types of technology and potential benefits
  • Determining the evaluation criteria and defining ROI
  • Selection and management requirements and elements for consideration.

Join us on January 23rd at 10:00 am PT by filling out the adjacent form to register for this live webinar.



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