Forces impacting the Future of Work

By many measures, these are very good times for the global economy with solid growth and prosperity. But with that comes concerns around how to effectively manage and maintain growth and scale businesses. The biggest asset and also liability for an organization is the workforce - and that workforce is rapidly changing.

Key trends impacting the global workforce include:

  • The emergence of a more agile and mobile workforce
  • Increasingly interdependent economies
  • Millennials wanting more dynamic purpose-driven work
  • The evolution of AI replacing traditional jobs leaving talent to be reskilled and redeployed into new roles and different locations

With the increasing importance of mobility as part of corporate talent strategies, evaluating and selecting the right Global Mobility Management (GMM) Solution is key to continued business success. In this document we introduce the modern concept of GMM, the forces driving this technology shift, and key components of a core GMM solution.


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