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Why we’re contributing 1% of revenue to the refugee crisis and you should too

There are more than 63 million refugees and IDPs (internally displaced people) worldwide. That’s one in every 113 people on earth. That’s the population of the UK, or France, or California and Texas being pushed out of their home.  In Greece alone, 43 refugees and IDPs arrive each day.  At MOVE Guides, it is our mission to make it easy to move around the world.  We see immigration and global mobility as a force for good. We see a world where people, goods and capital flow freely.  We see a world where countries embrace the benefits of immigrants and see power in their diversity.  Migrants are 3% of the US population and 27.5% of entrepreneurs.  They generate 9% of GDP.  They are our friends, our colleagues, our parents, our grandparents, our great grandparents, our heritage and our fellow humans.

I am very proud to share today that MOVE Guides will be donating 1% of our revenue to give global mobility to those fleeing war and poverty through our program #Mobility4All.  Our program provides help and donations on the ground through a partnership with Help Refugees, evolving our corporate relocation products through hackathons and our own engineering resources to help resettlement efforts, and raising awareness and funds through events and matching commitments.

This week, President Donald Trump announced executive orders to ban refugees entering the US, to stop issuing visas to selected countries (many of those deep in war and poverty), to curtail overall immigration, to remove more than $2bn of funding from sanctuary cities and to publicly publish all crimes committed by immigrants, among many other shocking policy changes.  

I am deeply disturbed. I feel nauseous, angry and confused.  But I also feel mobilized; mobilized by Boston mayor Marty Walsh and San Francisco mayor Ed Lee leading local resistance against this xenophobia; mobilized by George Soros announcing $500 million for Humanity Ventures; and mobilized by the standing ovation that my team gave when I announced #Mobility4All today.  

As Michelle Obama said, “When they go low; we go high.”  That’s what we’re doing at MOVE Guides. We ask anyone – our partners, our investors, our customers, our competitors, our friends – anyone who is motivated by a global, open and mobile world; anyone who is scared, sad or angry by our government’s xenophobia; anyone who wants to contribute to one of the greatest humanitarian disasters in ages; to join us.

Make a 1% commitment with us.  Contribute your time with us.  Help us raise awareness in Silicon Valley and beyond. Be a voice for hope with us.  Email me directly and join our movement.

Civilizations fall apart when we stop caring for our fellow man.

See our announcement today.

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