MOVE Guides' Solutions Consultants, Christine Weddell and Chantel Rowe, recently hosted a webinar to highlight our instant cost estimates tool.

As a core part of the Talent Mobility Cloud, MOVE Guides’ cost estimate capabilities empowers mobility and HR teams with the tools to automatically forecast, configure and share the cost of a relocation and assignment, prior to it taking place.

“Companies today are increasingly over-burdened with the manual processes and complexities of estimating the costs of mobility.”

- Brynne Herbert, Founder and CEO of MOVE Guides - 

Backed by a leading provider of mobility cost data, it has never been easier to instantly forecast and manage your relocation costs, at the click of a button.


Key Features of MOVE Guides’ Instant Cost Estimate Tool

Instant results at the click of a button significantly reduces time spent on administrative tasks for mobility teams with easy to use system

Highly configurable and easily use your own custom vendor rates and your own COLA data

Easily update on the go and change your calculations in real time, especially when you need it most

Automatically compare estimated versus actual costs with no manual reconciliation required

Enhanced capabilities for long-term assignments, which are complex due to multi-year duration and complex tax equalization calculations

More cities and more benefits captured in our system to align with the evolving needs of employees, HR and finance

Email or export to Excel for sharing within your organization and log approvals manually in the system

View the version history to see what changes were made, and by whom in your organization

Experience the Benefits of Instant Cost Estimates

Empowering you and your teams with the tools to create and change your own calculations, at any time

Reduced time and cost in estimating and managing mobility spend

Use MOVE Guides’ full vendor rates database or configure your own allowances data or vendor rates – ensuring the results are right for your organization

Increased visibility on cost to the business thanks to easy-to-access data


Interested in learning more? Watch the full webinar recording here.

Chantel Rowe

About the author

Chantel Rowe

Chantel is a Director of Solutions Consulting at Topia. Prior to joining Topia she ran EMEA Tax, International Mobility and Payroll at Societe Generale.

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