Getting employees set up in a new location can be a challenge at the best of times, but even more so without local colleagues to call on. Learn how to ease their relocation experience so they can get right to work and focus on the important details.

Everyone acknowledges that relocating is tough. However, this is even more so the case without a support network in the destination location. Employees rely heavily on peer information about housing, schools, transportation and many more subtle aspects of their new surroundings.

What happens when colleagues are no longer in sight? Often challenges arise when employees are without peer guidance. For HR, this means increased time spent on planning and understanding the move both before and after the actual relocation. It also often means more family pressures which can reduce productivity in the new location. For organizations, this is a critical issue. Frequently when employees are without a local office, it's because they are the first on the ground to set one up or working on a project in a client organization where they need to remain highly professional with their peers. Full productivity is critical at these times which means proper relocation support is a must.

How does MOVE Guides help organizations with employees on their own? From the moment an individual logs into the MOVE Hub, they can view social media connections – such as LinkedIn contacts – who are living in the new location. While your employees may not be guaranteed colleagues, they may be pleased to discover former work associates or childhood friends living in the new locale. Creating a support network from the outset is important for connecting individuals to their new home and giving them peers to consult.

Beyond providing social networks for your employees, MOVE Guides also ensures the content on our platform is written and curated by local expats. Our writers know exactly what it means to move to these locations and what information is critical for new relocatees. Furthermore, they have lived in these cities for an extensive period of time and qualify as experts on all things local. That means that even without colleagues to confer with, your employees are guaranteed high quality information on what it means to live and work in the host location.

Finally, a critical component to providing high-quality support for individuals on their own is peer-reviewed suppliers across real estate, shipping, banking and other important relocation services. MOVE Guides understands that relocatees want to use services that have been vetted by fellow movers and appreciate the anecdotes and ratings of their peers. We ensure that even if your employee is moving to a location without colleagues, they still benefit from peer provided information and reviews.

So how does MOVE Guides ensure your relocatees will thrive when moving remotely? We engage social networks, local expats and veteran users of our services to recreate all of the information and savvy your employees would otherwise receive from their colleagues in the host location. With our support, their productivity (and your business) won't skip a beat.

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