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New Case Study: Topia Cuts Healthcare Company’s Global Mobility Timeline In Half

New Case Study: Topia Cuts Healthcare Company’s Global Mobility Timeline in Half

About The Company

A pharmaceutical and healthcare company with 1,200 assignment cases reviewed each year

The Challenge

A multinational healthcare company, our customer manages more than 1,200 assignment cases each year, but inefficient systems were causing hurdles for both HR and finance team members and employees on assignment.

The company’s annual global mobility review process was taking more than six full-time employees nearly a month to complete the process, often involving overtime. This was partially because the team relied on multiple, disparate third-party tools to perform the review.

The absence of a central system and a lack of self-service tools further complicated the process. Employees with back-to-back assignments were difficult to track, causing an abundance of errors and issues in the review process.

Additionally, employees could not update change-of-life events in the systems, causing errors in the team’s initial compensation review, requiring significant effort in recalculating compensations.

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Streamlining Process with Topia

With Topia’s Manage, Plan, and Pay solutions, our customer was able to consolidate its process into a single, integrated tool to save time and money while generating insight across the mobile team.

Assignees can now make self-service updates and decide if they want their bonus split between home and host country, simultaneously improving data quality and employee satisfaction.

The company moved from slow and costly offline Big 4 calculations to automation within the platform, saving nearly $500 per cost estimate.

Plus, with enhanced visibility into all the pertinent data of the company’s mobile team members, the compensation review duration was reduced from weeks to a matter of days, and can easily be managed by a team of two.


  • Reduced compensation review duration from weeks to days, while also reducing the number of employees needed for the process by more than 50%
  • Saved approximately $500 per cost estimate
  • Improved data quality and employee satisfaction through self-service capabilities
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