Offering a great user experience is a key component of Adobe Systems Incorporated’s talent mobility program, setting it apart from competitors in its drive to recruit and retain top people.

MOVE Guides was uniquely able to provide Adobe with all pieces of talent mobility management in the cloud and deliver a dynamic experience that empowers individuals and creates efficiencies for clients.


About Adobe

Adobe is the global leader in digital media and marketing software. 

Best known for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat and PDF file, Adobe today has two main offerings - Adobe Creative Cloud, the de facto standard for creative professionals content, and Adobe Marketing Cloud for customers to build campaigns and track their success.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Adobe employs about 14,000 people, just over half in the US and the remainder spread around the world.


The Challenge

Adobe believes tech-savvy people expect a personalized relocation service and modern, self-service tools. Whether moving permanently or temporarily, Adobe wanted to give new hires, transferees or people on assignment the opportunity to experience a seamless and well planned move.

The company found traditional relocation management approaches too reliant on phone, paper and email, and while alternative relocation management software could aggregate relocation content, the same could be achieved via a search engine and there was little focus on personalization or self-service.

The Solutions

Adobe has brought together its HR, finance, movers and logistics vendors through MOVE Guides’ Talent Mobility Cloud, a cloud platform that allows everyone involved in a move to share a central space. Content is available 24/7 and Adobe can rely on MOVE Guides to handle employee relocation support and to manage vendors, expenses and payments.

“This was one of the most pain-free implementations I’ve ever been through!” says William Taylor, Adobe’s Head of Global Mobility. “MOVE Guides’ great team was open to any changes we needed to make. It took under a week from us deciding what content to include to going live and the system is super-easy to use.”

Adobe’s global mobility team and its relocation management partner use the Talent Mobility Cloud to initiate moves and everyone at Adobe who joins from another location, goes on assignment or transfers can use it.

Mobility team members can set policies, manage workflows and track how movers progress through the system then view dashboards of metrics and trends and receive quarterly reports. This has allowed the mobility team to understand employee engagement levels with the system and work out how to further leverage MOVE Guides to sell Adobe and its mobility program to employees and prospective employees.

People moving to or within Adobe can use this intuitive system to manage their own move within budget and policy guidelines. Checklists assist in planning and organizing relocation tasks while reminders help schedules stay on track. Users can choose vendors from Adobe’s preferred network or MOVE Guides’ network of vetted suppliers of shipping and haulage, search for new homes, get to know their new locale and then log their progress. Or leverage Adobe’s preferred partners.

With more than 200 people having used Talent Mobility Cloud in the first year, Adobe is finding that the more experiences are shared, the more it can understand what can be done. Plans include integrating data from the Workday human capital management system to help movers transition into a local Adobe community. MOVE Guides will also support Adobe’s move from a US centrally managed talent mobility program to a regional approach.

“We’re just at the 1.0 stage of working with MOVE Guides but the feedback from transferees is that everyone loves the experience,” says Adobe’s Taylor.

The Results

- 70-80% Engagement with MOVE Guides

- Great Community Tools

- Tailored Solution

- Ease of Reporting

Click here to learn more about how MOVE Guides and Adobe partner to offer an excellent relocation experience for all stakeholders. 

Chantel Rowe

About the author

Chantel Rowe

Chantel is a Director of Solutions Consulting at Topia. Prior to joining Topia she ran EMEA Tax, International Mobility and Payroll at Societe Generale.

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