Employees have many things to do during an international relocation. Learn how MOVE Guides MOVEHub helps them organise it all in one place.

For anyone who has moved, especially internationally, the one thing they all remember with minimal fondness is total. system. overload. So much to do, so many things to think about. When should I be thinking about this? When should I be doing that? I don't even know what I don't know! What is a National Insurance Number? Do I need one? How do I get one? On and on and on.

As seasoned movers, the MOVE Guides team understands that the sheer exercise of organizing the To-Do list and understanding time frames is a giant battle within itself. That's why when you log into our system, your first stop is your MOVEHub. Calm creeps into your brain as you see your plan of action nicely laid out in order, with time frames and reminders surrounding your tasks. Suddenly things look a lot more simple!

MOVE Guides allows employees to adjust To-Dos to make them more applicable and assign budgets to each task. Likewise, each To-Do links easily to service providers and relevant information so that you can focus on the stuff you need to read, when you need to read it. You can also jump straight to finding a realtor, shipping quote, bank and many other primary services.

Still having trouble? You can easily contact your MOVEAdvocate at the click of a button on your MOVEHub.

Why is this helpful for movers? Until one has done it a few times, moving is an unknown quantity. It is full of services we rarely or never use, conventions we've never had to think about and information we don't even know to go looking for. By organizing it into manageable chunks, individuals are able to visualize the whole process without becoming overwhelmed.

MOVE Guides knows from experience that half the battle is not getting short-circuited because of too much information too fast. We want the process to be intuitive and enable our customers to feel in control and on top their moves.


Tempted to make moving easier? Get in touch today for a demo. We'd love to show you just how easy it is to plan with MOVEHub.

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Steve Black

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