Employees are people too.

Hopefully, that is something that doesn’t need to be said and at most organizations it's well understood. However, when you’re dealing with a company’s global mobility, which can have dozens, if not hundreds to thousands of employees being touched by that program at a given time, it can be difficult to get past the numbers in spreadsheets and HR systems. It is becoming exceedingly difficult to account for the humanity of employees within a global mobility program.


Focusing on the Person Benefits the Employer

Some of the things that make employees people can be quantified for an individual- three things central to the identity of any human are an individual’s social life, family, and work. From an HR perspective, it can be all too easy to focus in on an individual’s functionality in the workplace- how they interact with teams, how productive they are, etc.

That single-scoped lense can generate good results traditionally- but if you solely focus on the working characteristics of an employee in a global mobility management program, you are only catering to a fraction of the person that is picking up and moving their entire existence on behalf of you. Not only is it unfair to your employee, but it’s unfair to you as a company- there’s no way that employee will be at their peak performance for work if their family and social situations are out of sync.

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Addressing Employees in HR

Currently, we can see global mobility programs adapting for their employees in some regards. The movement towards flexible benefits in relocation policies is indicative of this shift. However, in other areas, businesses have been slow to adapt to their employees. All of it ties back to the ever-shrinking talent pool.

This is where Topia comes into the picture. While companies can devise their own global mobility strategy, we have the expertise and experience that allows us to see the whole employee. Topia Go is the solution for the employee- for the person- that you need to move. With a plethora of resources that serve the whole person, not just the employee, Topia Go provides a comprehensive solution that any relocating person should have.

Joey Recupero

About the author

Joey Recupero

Joey is part of the Marketing Team at Topia and has relocated himself numerous times throughout his young career.

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