For many employees the relocation doesn't end the minute they land in their new city. Learn how ongoing support can be of use to your employees, saving them time and you money!

While it may seem as though the pain of moving is packing everything up and finding a new home, the truth is that much of the work begins once you're on the ground. Opening a bank account or getting a cell phone can often be a lengthy process, and figuring out which grocery stores you prefer or how to set up utilities requires time and effort. Getting accustomed with different languages, conventions, processes and documentation can be daunting and take up much more time than initially anticipated.

MOVE Guides understands that employees do not stop utilizing work time to scan Google for answers once they have settled into their new offices. In fact, they spend just as much, if not more, time figuring out the specifics of settling in once they arrive. We work hard to address this challenge by ensuring that employees have access to the information and services they require in advance, and we work with a vetted supply chain of service providers to ensure a smooth transition. Providing employees with the information they need to grasp the different processes for setting up life in a new city is vital in maintaining productivity and efficiency, and employees are further supported by dedicated MOVE Advocates throughout the relocation, including the months after the move.

Our hyper-local city guides are written by local experts who are expats themselves and therefore understand the challenges and conventions. We understand the importance of a smooth transition to ensure employees can operate at full productivity once they've arrived. MOVE Guides supports this by ensuring the information employees need is easily accessible in a digestible and engaging format with move planning checklists and tasks to keep employees on track.

Employees engage with our platform for an average of 3 months after their relocation, demonstrating the clear desire for ongoing support and access to information and highlighting the fact that the process extends well beyond the physical move date.With MOVE Guides, you can ensure the time your employees spend settling in is supported with great resources and service to maximize their efficiency and guarantee a good experience.

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