Any time you evaluate a business solution, you do the necessary due diligence and get familiar with a provider’s services, the customer types they serve, and whether the company looks like a good fit for your unique company needs. When it comes to evaluating a global mobility management solution, there may be many available options. But what matters most is that you select a solution that offers flexibility, real-time reporting, and ease of use, while also helping to ensure every employee has a positive relocation experience.

According to a global relocation survey of companies representing almost 10 million employees worldwide, 81 percent of respondents said they expect long-term employee relocations to stay the same or increase in the next two years, and noted that short-term assignments are also on the rise. Given the anticipated growth in employee relocations, choosing a global mobility management partner that meets your needs will be critical to your ongoing talent management success. Here are some of the key criteria that can help you evaluate and select a global mobility management solution:

Integration with Core Systems

These days, it’s become commonplace to have interconnected digital tools, such as watches that deliver email notifications and smart home devices that tell you when you’ve received a delivery. Similarly, your mobility management solution should be integrated with the core IT and HR systems you rely upon to manage organizational talent.

When a new hire or existing employee relocates, there are implications for payroll systems, HRIS, and recruiting systems. Your global mobility management solution should integrate with those systems in support of a smooth relocation experience for all. In addition, there are a host of relocation vendors providing invoices, status updates, and a range of services that must be monitored on an ongoing basis. Selecting the right global mobility management solution offers the opportunity to tie all relevant systems and vendors together under one cloud-based solution that allows you to manage your entire mobility program in one place.

Employee Support

Moving to a new city and home can be stressful for many individuals, and you want the experience to be as smooth as possible so that employees can quickly adjust to their new environment. When evaluating global mobility management solutions, it’s important to understand what kind of support is offered to relocating employees and their families. Some of the key employee support services and resources to look out for include:

  • Pre-move counseling that provides answers to commonly asked questions and helps employees understand what to expect before, during, and after a move
  • A 24/7 self-service platform where employees can find relocation policies, contact numbers for service providers, and information about their new location
  • Expense management resources that let employees on a lump sum or managed budget relocation policy know how much money has been spent on their relocation and how much remains

Data and Reporting Capability

It only takes managing a handful of employee relocations to get a sense of just how many moving parts there are—from relocation vendors to changes in payroll and benefits. Whether you have one person or a team managing global mobility, having data and metrics that help you understand relocation costs and timetables is invaluable.

When evaluating a global mobility management solution provider, it’s essential to understand reporting capability and the degree to which data can be pulled in real time, giving you the most up-to-date view of what’s happening with every employee move. Emailed or paper copies of receipts can get lost in the shuffle. Your mobility management solution should be able to pull all the details together and provide comprehensive data and reports that outline progress and costs for all moves, at any time.

Evaluating service providers always requires careful examination of available features and fit with company and employee needs. When you select the right global mobility management partner, you realize benefits in the form of better-managed costs, more efficient moves, and a satisfying relocation experience for employees and their families.


Sean Pratt

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Sean Pratt

Sean is Topia's Sr. Marketing Manager and a certified Global Mobility Specialist.

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