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Going The Extra Mile For Each Move – Nina Caulfield’s MOVE Advocate Story

Going The Extra Mile For Each Move – Nina Caulfield’s MOVE Advocate Story


What did you do before MOVE Guides?

Prior to MOVE Guides, I completed a four-year degree in Business and Human Resources which included one year working in the industry. In that year, I worked for BP in the international mobility department as an “International Mobility Advisor.” During this time, I completed a rotation around four specific teams: Vendor Management, Projects and Processes, Client Services and Policy. This gave me a great overview of the international mobility sector and left me with a strong interest in the industry. Consequently, upon finishing my degree I did some research and came across MOVE Guides. I was immediately attracted to their different approach to mobility and their link to technology innovation.

What is it like working for MOVE Guides vs. In-House?

MOVE Guides differentiates itself from competitors through the technology platform that automates so many of the manual processes that are common in an in-house traditional mobility role. I love the technology aspect of MOVE Guides especially being a MOVE Advocate as all I need is my laptop to successfully manage a relocation. The platform improves the employee and HR experience, as all information is readily available in one place. Having supported numerous moves around the world, I appreciate how stressful the moving experience can be. The ability to log into the portal and access all information regarding a move is extremely beneficial to a customer.

What attracted you to come to MOVE Guides?

Upon finishing my degree, I knew I had an interest in the Global Mobility industry. I looked at various roles, but I was instantly drawn to MOVE Guides. I love that we are a single point of contact for an employee and his/her family and that you assist with all aspects of a move including authorising tax, immigration, home and school search, household goods shipping and many more. Typical RMCs advertise that they can offer a true single point of contact for their employees, but MOVE Guides brings this to life with their MOVE Advocate team.

The technology side was also very interesting to me because it was a whole new approach to the industry. The company was growing rapidly and it was an exciting opportunity to grow alongside the company with people that shared similar interests. Having joined MOVE Guides over a year and a half ago, I have been lucky enough to help shape and form our internal processes, which have directly affected our customers.

What is your favorite part of working at MOVE Guides?

It is a very open culture. You can talk to anyone across the company – it doesn’t matter your department, role or seniority within the business which makes it a refreshing environment to work in every day.

As a MOVE Advocate, seeing a move from initiation to completion is very satisfying, especially when everything goes well. I feel very proud when I can be a part of a move journey and a family to settle into life in a new city during such a stressful time.

I’m also really proud of our team. We all work incredibly hard but we also work well together so the experience is very fulfilling. The team genuinely believes in the mission behind the company which is to make it easy to move around the world.

Tell me one of your most memorable moments as a MOVE Advocate.

I recently received feedback from a customer which was really rewarding to hear and made me realise the direct effect I was having at MOVE Guides.

“Nina, my MOVE Advocate. From A-Z she made how everything would work super clear in our first call, and since then she was there for any questions, requests and even changes to pre-planned things. Reliable, super professional and also friendly – I’m really happy with everything she did during this process.

Moving your life to another new, ‘strange’ country is really a big deal, but having someone who is both proactive and knowledgeable and who is also always there to guide and connect you with the right people makes all the difference.”

Someone recently said they want concierge service, not air traffic control which is the difference between our MOVE Advocate and an RMC consultants. What does this mean to you?

That is really rewarding to hear. We don’t go into our day to day jobs with a strictly move a to b mentality. We strive to go the extra mile and to have that proactive approach to a relocation to limit any escalations along the way. Helping someone move abroad is much more than just acting like a traffic controller, it is about understanding a person’s needs and how you can best deliver that.

If you want to hear more about how our MOVE Advocates can help your employees, and their families, with all their relocation needs for a seamless transition to their new city, contact us on

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