Ben Gilbert, Head of Editorial

Not many companies can say that their Head of Editorial had the opportunity to interview Beyoncé in their career, but Ben has worn many professional hats. As MOVE Guides editorial team leader, he is responsible for all content management, editing and freelance contributor input. With years of diverse industry experience, Ben brings to the team an impeccable eye for detail, a strong literary background and an innate love for the written word.

As a formally trained, NCTJ-journalist, Ben has worked for several newspapers, magazines and digital platforms. Prior to joining MOVE Guides, Ben worked at Microsoft as Bing’s UK homepage editor, and at Yahoo! Music as an editorial content director through his company Wrote For Luck.

Beginning his career in journalism at a young age, Ben originally sought out to be a sports journalist, but quickly realized that music was his calling. As a music journalist, Ben had the opportunity to interview some of the most important and beloved musical icons around the world. But as he would say, after 15 years of journalism, he was ready to try something new

As one of the few (but growing) UK natives at MOVE Guides, Ben holds an MA in Media, Culture and Communications from the Institute of Education and a Diploma in Journalism from Harlow College. When he isn’t writing and editing for MOVE Guides, you can spark up conversation with him about his many passions, including music, travel, new cultures and Tottenham Hotspur FC. Ben currently lives in South London with his fiance and adorable newborn son, Indigo (Indy for short).

Move Guides Questionnaire

Advice for aspiring Journalists:

“Journalism is very different from when I started, but a few things still hold true. First and foremost, you have to be able to write to a higher standard than your peers. It’s also important to have a strong direction in terms of developing your brand as a writer and the topic you choose to make a career from.

"You need to be switched on with modern journalism and expand beyond traditional media sources, skills and ideas. There are many tools for writers to engage with, such as digital platforms for social media, blogging and curating content.”

Most interesting musician interviewee:

“Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips for his wisdom; John Cale of The Velvet Underground for his legacy; and Beyoncé for her beauty.”

Favourite concert:

“I once travelled to see Sufjan Stevens perform at the 100-year-old Gothic Frikirkjan Church in Reykjavik, Iceland. That was one of my most memorable shows for many reasons. He was my favourite artist at the time and this was right about the time when he was just perfecting his music and performance.“

Next holiday destination spot:

“This summer I’m planning to travel to Port de Pollença, a small town in northern Majorca, Spain, which will also be special because it is the first holiday with our little boy. I would also love to travel to Brazil to see the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro.”

Favourite part of working for MOVE Guides:

“I love the challenge that MOVE Guides offers on a personal and business standpoint. The scope of content is enormously impressive and our team works very hard to keep our city guides relevant and fresh with content. It’s also exciting to be working for a business that has so much potential to evolve and disrupt. We are developing something truly extraordinary at MOVE Guides and everyone we work with is excited to play a part. It’s also refreshing to be working outside a large corporate environment.”

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