We are thrilled to share that Aragon Research released their latest research paper defining Global Mobility Management (GMM) as a new type of HR business application category.

In the press release announcement, Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research stated:  “Global Mobility Management is poised to disrupt the highly manual process of managing relocation. Enterprises now compete on a global basis and GMM will provide the platform to manage a global workforce, where mobility is key.”


This paper signals a major shift in GMM from traditional services outsourcing to a business application model, while naming MOVE Guides as a leading GMM provider!

To meet the demands of talent recruitment, retention, and development, as well as global operations, companies must operate beyond borders to attract and grow their talent pool. GMM Applications enable companies to do this more efficiently and cost effectively - successfully overcoming many of the challenges involved with globally mobile employees, namely: cost, compliance, complexity, and culture. 

This also aligns with our customer growth. Last year, MOVE Guides won business from all of the largest traditional relocation management companies, as customers replace costly outsourced services with our technology-first approach to global mobility management. There is a resounding call to engage employees with modern technology applications, to digitize internal business processes and to leverage data sets to make talent, spend and compliance decisions

To better understand why Global Mobility Management applications matter to your business, and how MOVE Guides is leading the charge in this newly defined category, download the full research note here.

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Brynne Kennedy

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Brynne Kennedy

Brynne Kennedy is Founder and Board Member at Topia, which she launched in 2011 while earning her MBA at London Business School. A frequent speaker and author on topics of technology, HR and global mobility, she previously worked at Lehman Brothers and Standard Chartered.

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