Brynne Kennedy, CEO and founder of MOVE Guides spoke with Jake Flanagin from Quartz to discuss the role of immigration in the US technology industry. In the interview, Brynne stated:

“We absolutely need to invest, as a country, in developing US tech talent and up-skilling portions of our labor force. However, the benefits of a diverse labor pool are not only about skills—but also in the cross-cultural understanding, varying perspectives, and global networks that come from diversity in backgrounds and nationalities.”

Brynne also noted a report compiled by the National Foundation for American Policy which found that more than half of US technology startups are founded by immigrants; valued at at least $1 billion. “Looser immigration policies are the greatest form of economic empowerment for individuals,” she notes. “We see this need in our customer base—both technology companies and Fortune 500 companies—and I do hope the new administration does not inhibit company growth."

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