What are the top spots for Gen Y moves? Learn where everyone wants to go and what this means for your company.

So where does the next generation of geniuses want to go? In a word: everywhere. Millennials are marked by a desire to travel and to relocate for work to maximize their experiences. In a somewhat contradictory way, Millennials both crave instant-gratification in the form of smartphone technology, and are prepared to be patient when it comes to seeing their experience turn into extra zeros in their pay cheques.

Millennials believe that global citizenship is the future and that their experience will prove invaluable in a world where speaking three languages is a pre-requisite to doing business. They are all about amassing knowledge in their 20s and 30s in order to rise sky high in their longterm careers.

Within this travel-hungry group of globe trotters, there are two groups: specialists and generalists. Some Gen-Yers want to live everywhere and some try to cultivate a specific knowledge center. This can be used to great strategic advantage for a company with its eyes open.

Do you need someone on the ground in China who can liaise effectively between your factories and offices in different cities? There's an applicant for that. Do you need someone who can advise on global trends in a holistic way? There's an applicant for that.

Why does this make a big impact on companies? Unlike in the past when Americans wanted to work in America and Italians in Italy and the two worked together imperfectly, the cross flow of eager Italians into the US and vice versa now gives the offices a better translation between the two. Gen Y is a generation of ambassadors trying to soak up new cultures and ways of doing things as well as bringing their past experiences into everything they do in the present. They seek best-practice solutions but understand the power of adaptability at the same time. For companies, this is a fantastic new resource.

So where do your hot-shots want to go? It might be easy to say Singapore or San Francisco, but the truth is, Millennials are interested in far more than what's trending right now. They are looking for their niche, to cover the world in detail and to understand where is not yet understood. With that in mind, go forth and bravely send them to whatever new outpost you need to establish – they'll chalk it up to another experience!

Brynne Herbert

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By Brynne Herbert

Sep 04, 2013

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