At MOVE Guides, we know what it’s like to work long hours and make a long distance move. Everyone on our team has done it. Learn how we can support your time-strapped employees and why we’re experts on it.

Planning a long-distance move is difficult, emotional and time-consuming, whether from Dallas to D.C., Beijing to Bombay, or Dubai to Dublin. Most people who companies relocate are high-performers --- either hired from abroad for their skillsets and profile, or transferred to a new office for career development opportunities, skills transfer or international expansion. By default, this means they work very hard. And by default, this gives them even less time than the average person to organise the multitude of tasks required for a long-distance move --- from shipping household goods to finding a home to registering with the local health system. This makes long-distance moves difficult for both employees and the global mobility professionals who support them. And the last thing global mobility wants is a flustered and unsettled employee on their first day in a new office! That’s where MOVE Guides comes in.

At MOVE Guides, everyone on our team has lived and worked abroad, while working very long hours. From investment banking in Hong Kong to management consulting in London to technology startups in the Middle East, the MOVE Guides team knows what employees are going through, because we’ve done it. In fact, it is a requirement in our hiring process that candidates have spent time working abroad. We think it’s that important.

Most employees plan their moves while at work. I remember wading through the Indian tax code, filling out shipping forms and scouring Google for Singaporean real estate agent, all with a financial model minimised on my screen. I’ve listed to expat colleagues berate the local internet provider, watched them fill out applications to the American Club, and discussed innumerable times the struggles of those new to town ---- where to order late night takeaway; how to navigate the train system; and which local gym to select.

At MOVE Guides, our platform visitors peak between 11am and 4pm on weekdays, and fall off on weekends, proof that people plan moves while at work. We also know that employees use MOVE Guides for three months on average to plan their move…researching before they depart, arranging services from with our vetted supply chain and settling in with our local content after they arrive. All together, our system of relocation support helps employees move efficiently…and minimise the hours at work spent planning. A real win-win for all!


Get in touch today for a demo and to hear more of our team’s move stories. Can you imagine an apartment with no hot water in the dead of European winter?!

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