Millenials are a truly unique generation, but what exactly sets them apart from their predecessors?

Unlike the past-orientated ‘silents’ or baby boomers, it is engrained into the nature of a millennial to look ahead, to anticipate and to expect. Millenials place their goals firmly in the future, and an ever optimistic attitude fuels their desire to reach them as quickly as possible. Gen Y has no time for the formalities and the careful treading that has defined past generations; the priority is efficiency. Each millennial wants to reach his or her future as swiftly as possible, and their optimism is what takes them there.

Formality has given way to transparency. 99% of gen Y millenials have asserted that they prefer transparency; online price comparisons, and the multiplicity that is granted by online technology has given generation Y the power to find the truth behind every misleading tagline. With so much information available in a single click, it really is no wonder that millenials believe that they can do anything.

This optimism also extends to a much wider scale. A large percentage of millenials expect corporate social responsibility in a time of knowledge and worldly awareness. Millenials want their work to be meaningful, they want to make a difference, and they expect this difference to happen now, not later.

Instant gratification even at the level of social change is gen Y’s defining factor. An optimistic demand to say the least. However, with an infinite amount of omniscience available to them through technology, there is no reason not to expect it.

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