At MOVE Guides, we pride ourselves on building a team of mobility experts from around the world, each bringing with them a unique piece of what makes MOVE Guides like no other company to work for.

MOVE Guides consists of a diverse team of expats who have lived in over 20 countries around the world. At MOVE Guides, we practice what we preach and have created an internal team of the best and the brightest, eager to make their mark on the global mobility industry.

We are team of passionate professionals, dedicated to making mobility easy for our clients. We are enthusiastic about our product and team, and continuously raise the bar to perform better.

Our team is dedicated to transforming the global mobility industry and bring a fresh perspective on what the modern international workforce needs and expects. In a crowded incumbent marketplace, we are the future of global mobility, offering the first ever cloud-based application for MNCs.

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Did you know that...

100% of our staff members have been an expat at some point in their life.

100% of our staff members would ‘strongly’ recommend living abroad.

We are a proud group of expats from all over the world—UK, US, Australia, Ireland, Russia, India, Holland, Spain, Germany, Slovakia

The MOVE Guides team has lived and worked in over 20 countries, including Australia, Japan, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Qatar and many more, and our team can speak over 10 languages.

Check out our new career page for opportunities to work with our team of global mobility experts!

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