Link recruitment and onboarding to offer a great post offer experience for new hires and transfers!

Companies invest millions of dollars recruiting key internal and external talent to new roles but many new hires and transfers don’t receive traditional support. Once an employee accepts an offer they are often left in limbo between accepting their offer and starting their new role, managing their relocation with many contacts and limited centralized support.

This is especially challenging for employees moving to a new a country. In addition to adapting to a new workplace culture, they must also navigate a daunting international relocation. This gap in ‘post offer experience’ can leave incoming employees frustrated and frazzled – putting your business in a battle for the mindshare and productivity of a new employee.

The average time to reach full productivity for a new hire is 3.5 months, with the average new employee productivity just 35%.

– Savvis and Novita Training Survey

Employees spend on average more than 100 hours researching and planning their relocation. But companies can remedy this challenge and fill the post-offer gap by providing intuitive relocation information and tools to streamline relocations for employees, like MOVE Guides’ Talent Mobility Cloud. This ‘structured flexibility’ ensures employees have reliable information, personal organization and important support. Then they can start a new job successfully and reach break-even productivity faster than ever before!

Learn more about how you can offer a great post off candidate experiences through the Talent Mobility Cloud!

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