Forbes magazine recently posted an interesting article by Kathryn Dill, highlighting the top ten US cities for relocation as well as professional migration trends based on industry.

A survey conducted by job-search website TheLadders concluded that 35% of job seekers are searching not only for new job positions, but also for a new city. Showing that many professionals are trading in the warm California sun for the hustle and bustle of New York City.


Source: TheLadders

According to a statement by Shankar Mishra, Vice President of Data Science and Analytics at TheLadders, “The reality of the job market is that the right job isn’t always available within a commutable distance.” The infographic below depicts four metro areas and migration trends of applications to other major cities.


Source: TheLadders

“Job seekers go where the jobs are," added Mishra when offering insight into a trend that continues to dominate along all industries. "We believe we will see more and more professionals going to cities considered to be top hubs for their industry.” This trends is beneficial for professionals as they aspire to succeed in their industry and experience a new and exciting city.

According to the chart below, New York remains dominant in the fields of finance, marketing and technology. Not surprisingly, San Francisco still reigns in Engineering and Technology. Atlanta’s workforce is expanding in marketing and sales, and Dallas and Philly are growing as a technology hotspot.

20140516_RelocationStudy_Pic41Source: TheLadders

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