Gen Y and Millennials are fundamentally different from Baby Boomers. Learn what implications this has for employee relocation and global mobility.

Generational differences in the workplace have been popular discussion topics over the last decade. Not only do the Millennials and Gen Y-ers expect different levels of autonomy and forms of communication than their predecessors, they expect fundamentally different things out of their careers. They see themselves as global citizens (much like the crew at MOVE Guides!), which means that they expect to live and work in many different cities as well as countries throughout their careers. Where Baby Boomers only lived abroad at very senior levels in the careers, these newcomers expect to go abroad within their first five years of employment.

More than just the stage of career being a differentiator, the Millennials and Gen Y-ers want to be more involved in getting themselves settled than those who came before them. They still want (and appreciate) financial support from their employer, but they don’t expect as much hand-holding for what they see as a developmental opportunity. What they actually want is guidance and advice on how to get to their new city as easily as possible. They want a checklist of activities, a timeline to complete them, and an ability to ask a quick question and get an immediate response. And it’s for this reason that we created MOVE Guides – we’ve moved across the world, with and without support; we’ve been on the HR side and we know how much you want to make this a good experience for your people.

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