happy employeesResearch shows that the perception of support from an organisation is the most important factor for employee happiness when abroad. Learn how MOVE Guides' technology can keep you connected to staff and ensure they feel supported.

When employees go abroad, it’s easy for them to feel disconnected and sometimes forgotten by their home country’s HR team. Since so much effort goes into providing a smooth departure – such as ensuring a proper hand-over to colleagues, creating transition plans, and throwing leaving-do’s – companies must find ways to sustain connectivity and engagement while employees are on assignment.

MOVE Guides provides the technology platform and community to do just this. Employees login using their social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, which enables them to see who from their communities are also living in their new city. Once they’re in the site, employees are introduced to local expat groups – like the American Women’s Club – and other communities through our expertly curated City Guide. As an expat, there are so many to choose from that picking the most relevant groups can be overwhelming – so MOVE Guides’ technology helps employees with information discovery so they can pick the ones best suited for them!

For HR, MOVE Guides’ customized dashboard provides you with visibility to your teams’ levels of engagement and the ability to improve these metrics while they’re abroad. Longer term MOVE Guides will offer improved social features and engagement improvement tools too.

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