It is no secret that millennials are changing the landscape of corporate global mobility. The power of technology has made millennials more flexible, more creative and not afraid of taking risks; they are perfect candidates for global transfers. But technology has also moulded Gen Y into a generation of instant gratification and the internet has transformed the realm of service into an all-access information portal. Millennials rely on self-management and self-sufficiency, and if they are not satisfied they have the means to go elsewhere. This is why transparency is crucial for service bookings as part of lump sum programmes; millennials are very particular about the amount of support they require.

Transparency can mean a stripped down approach. Millennials do not want or need a great deal of support, what they need is flexibility. The internet has made information comparison second nature to Gen Y; millennials will actively seek out the support that most closely matches their needs as well as allowing them as much flexibility as possible. Research has shown that taking a budgeted or managed lump sum approach in relocation policy for this generation works well; it allows the employee autonomy, transparency and choice.

Transparency can also be achieved by making all aspects of the booking experience technology-based. For millennials, 24/7 connectivity is the norm and an immediate response is expected. The availability of communication gives millennials the flexibility and instant gratification that they have become accustomed to.

Self-management is also the route to transparency. At MOVE Guides we facilitate a flexible and adaptable relocation experience. Millennials want to be able to take control of their own experience; they have the knowledge and the drive, so why not let them?

Brynne Herbert

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