Learn how you can offer employees great relocation support with both autonomy and HR oversight - get the best of both worlds!


Many global mobility teams that we speak to are concerned that they have to choose between paying for a fully supported move through an RMC for their employees, or providing employees with the autonomy and choice that they crave when it comes to selecting the options that suit them best, through a lump sum policy.


Traditionally, employees being granted lump sum payments to assist with relocation costs have been given little or no support, and are left to navigate the complicated world of shipping and temporary accommodation, along with the associated opaque pricing, themselves. Furthermore, by handing over the reigns to employees to arrange all of the particulars, mobility teams lose the benefit of oversight and tracking for their expat population, as they no longer have involvement in the details of the move. Conversely some mobility teams try to narrow the void between their assisted move policies and lump sum policies by providing support and coordination for lump sum employees themselves, often to the detriment of the teams who are left overwhelmed, under-staffed, and feeling like they are not achieving what they set out to do.


Here at MOVE Guides we recognized the dilemma that mobility teams face, and developed a unique platform through which you can give your lump sum employees the best of both worlds. MOVE Guides lets you offer your employees great relocation support, whilst giving them transparency, autonomy and choice. Our comprehensive city guides help your employees to get acclimated ahead of their move, whilst our service pages allow employees to read about how each service operates and familiarize themselves with what to expect during their move.


Through their custom MOVEHub employees can compare suppliers to make sure that they are allocating their lump sum in the most efficient manner, by making their own choices about which supplier to book with, within the context of a fully vetted supply chain so you know they will always be in good hands. Our customer service team is on hand to support employees through their move via phone, email and live chat, and will ensure that your mobility team is not inundated with questions about employee moves, leaving you free to focus on your core responsibilities.


MOVE Guides ensures that your employees get the benefit of a co-branded portal and customized local office page, so that their experience is seamless and they feel fully supported by the business. The MOVE Guides team also helps to guide each employee through the maze of jargon and key relocation decisions, ensuring that their move stays on track whilst employees retain autonomy and control over their spending decisions and choice of suppliers. It really is the best of both worlds!


Get in touch today to learn how your company could implement a supported lump sum policy for your employees, giving them transparency and choice, with the benefit of full support for any questions they may have!

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