Learn how MOVE Guides reduces HR admin, improves oversight and helps reduce hidden costs in your lump sum program.

Lump Sum programs offer real cost savings versus traditional assignment packages. In theory they also reduce the administrative burden of the mobility team as the planning for the move gets shifted to the employee. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases that we see - there are huge hidden costs of lump sum programs that don't show up directly on the P&L - but impact the efficiency of the employees and effectiveness of mobility teams.

The first main challenges facing HR teams when administering a lump sum program is around the duty of care. Let's face it, many mobility professionals are hesitant to cut a check to a transferee and ask them to show up in a new country with no further input from HR. Most mobility professionals go out of their way to provide advice, answer questions and help ensure a smooth transition. This huge time investment (often 20-40 hours + per move) doesn't show up as a 'cost' of the relocation, but reduced the time remaining for policy planning, strategic thinking and other core day to day responsibilities for the mobility teams. Additionally, without formal support - employees spend countless hours (often in the office!) researching their move on google, trying to find reputable suppliers and worrying about an endless list of to dos.

The second challenge HR teams face is on the manual work required to stay on top of the status of each move, understand spend versus budget and learn from each move to make continual improvements to the program. Manual reconciliations, messy excel sheets and endless email chains are all standard when managing of lump sum programs - again taking time and energy away from the core role of a strategic mobility team.

Shifting to a lump sum program does not have to mean completely giving up on your duty of care OR signing up for endless paperwork and a manual process. At MOVE Guides - our focus has been not only on building a platform to dramatically improve the employee moving experience, but we've worked closely with mobility professionals managing lump sum programs ranging from 20 staff to 4,000 to ensure they have the information they need at their fingertips without spending days pulling it together manually.

We firmly believe that a cost-effective lump sum program does not have to mean endless transferee questions about healthcare in the UK or taxes in Dublin. We've built a platform where you can quickly see the status of each employee move, understand spend versus budget, analyse program performance and quickly get to the insights that you need to run a global workforce - get in touch for a free demo and an assessment of your current lump sum program to see how we can help!

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