As more and more young professionals move around the US for new jobs, MOVE Guides offers a new way to support their lump sum moves.

Increasing numbers of young professionals are seeking any opportunity to live and work in a new city – especially new cities in their home country – and companies are more than happy to provide these high performing employees with lump sum payments to make it happen. MOVE Guides offers a new way to support these lump sum moves.

While opportunities to relocate are received with huge enthusiasm, moving employees domestically can be just as challenging as moving them internationally. The administrative burden, logistical coordination, and disruption to employee productivity mean that each party has lots to lose when a move goes awry.

At MOVE Guides, our team of serial expats know that moving to a new city within the same country can be just as distracting as moving across borders. High performers are even more likely to get distracted from their day jobs when organizing their moves, hindering their productivity and performance before, during, and just after their move. The combination of MOVE Guides’ easy to use cloud-based platform and trusted supplier network mean that employees can make their own choices on their own time.

In speaking with mobility experts, we understand that your time is too often spent on administrative activities like sourcing home search agents and responding to your employees’ individual queries about local public transportation options. Our comprehensive city guides put all this information at your employees’ fingertips, and our HR dashboards provide analytical insight and real-time move data without the day-to-day manual burden.

Whether it’s moving your employees from Peoria to Seattle, Austin to Boston, or San Francisco to New York, MOVE Guides is here to help.

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