I recently joined MOVE Guides for the same reasons our clients have decided to work with us.  Namely that MOVE Guides is leading the digital transformation of the employee relocation management industry, allowing our clients to leverage their mobile workforce to be an effective differentiator in their own markets.  We call it Global Mobility Management and it drastically improves employee experience, slashes supply chain costs and eliminates the tedious and inefficient phone call, email and spreadsheet approach of Relocation Management companies.  Todd Wilms, VP of Marketing at MOVE Guides added, “Not only do we provide clients with all of the services of an RMC but we do so while improving employee experience, reducing costs, saving time and eliminating inefficiencies.”  

Customers familiar with the Talent Mobility Cloud already know how it provides a single centralized view for data and easy collaboration among internal stakeholders, employees and external vendors – HR users can create cost estimates, initiate moves, manage employee experience, work with suppliers and monitor spend all in one place.  This provides real-time access to all case management data within the system for both the employee and the company.

Now in our Summer 2017 release we have introduced Mobility Analytics Beta, which will replace our current reporting functionality. Mobility Analytics makes it easy for HR users to create and download reports, to visualize and explore data, and to aggregate, filter and display information in a variety of ways to provide better operational and analytic insights on key mobility metrics. To make Mobility Analytics a reality we have embedded an industry leading business intelligence tool, Looker, directly into the Talent Mobility Cloud. In addition to the enhanced insight available with this new tool, we have increased the data security with restricted access based on permissions set for each user.  With Mobility Analytics MOVE Guides continues the journey to reinvent the Global Mobility industry and create a data driven approach to employee relocation. Laura Marino, VP of Product Management at MOVE Guides shared, “We continue to push the envelope and empower Mobility and HR workers to use data to engage in proactive rather than reactive relocation management decisions and strategies”  

In addition to Mobility Analytics, the Summer 2017 release includes updates to the cost estimate functionality, the addition of exception management features within the platform and version one of payroll reporting. 

Cost Estimate Enhancements

We continue to improve the functionality and use cases for our Cost Estimate tool. The Summer’ 17 release allows for greater accuracy of estimates and host based calculations via the following capabilities:

  • Ability to view cost estimate after initiation for assignments
  • New host based incremental calculation, with host based approach, but excluding salary and bonus from total assignment and employer social contribution
  • Alerts to let users know if there is no rate for a scenario; the number is a partial cost because rates were only available for part of the benefit; or there is an error in retrieving the data from the system
  • Option to fallback to MOVE Guides rates and calculations when a customer who is using their own rates has missing rates for a specific scenario. This is configured at the service level. 

Exception Management

Our Summer product update improves on the exception management work stream moving it completely into the Talent Mobility Cloud, thus providing for more accurate tracking and reporting of exceptions.  All exceptions will continue be raised by the MOVE Advocate via their Case Management Hub, however now when an exception is logged the HR user will automatically be notified and will see it in a new Exception Dashboard within their HR Hub for approval or rejection.

Payroll Reporting Phase I

Responding to customer needs around Payroll Reporting we are proud to release the first of three phases in new Payroll Reporting capabilities. Phase 1 consists of the creation of an Impute Report that maps custom pay codes to spend categories and the MOVE Guides Payroll Reporting Scheduler to automatically deliver scheduled payroll reports of spend paid by MOVE Guides to the HR Hub for download, and optionally to a secure SFTP site. Be on the lookout for additional automated payroll reporting capabilities in coming releases.

To see these new features in action, click here to schedule a demo with one of our Solutions Consultants.

Charles Durazo

About the author

Charles Durazo

Charles is MOVE Guides' Product Marketing Director.

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