You're a high-growth startup and there's so much to do! Learn how to take the admin and logistics of relocating staff off your plate with MOVE Guides.

Global mobility is not easy for start-ups. In the never-ending quest to expand markets and access talent pools even small companies are being forced to consider mobility programs. According to international consultancy firm Mercer, 70% of employers expect to increase short-term overseas assignments in 2013. This figure is even more exaggerated in the cut throat world of start-ups. However, the real cause for concern for a start-up is the time and resources needed to manage a global mobility program.

Consider the following situation, a start-up moves approximately five people a year. Each person needs to research their destination, find housing, book flights, ship belongings, and so on. The cumulative time spent by the employee can run into weeks of man hours. For a cash conscious firm this is a significant investment in administrative tasks. Furthermore, the employee moving is most probably supported by one or more HR professionals which further increases the costs of the start-up. As a technology start-up, MOVE Guides has experienced these issues directly and developed a product that uniquely solves them.

For movers there is a huge time saving advantage. Movers get access to a detailed city guide for their destination explaining everything they need to know from neighbourhoods to tax advisory and local lifestyle tips. This saves an enormous amount of time in terms of research. Furthermore, a MOVE Hub allows employees to access a highly selective quality controlled network of global suppliers. These suppliers can handle every conceivable need that an employee might have when moving to a new city, and ultimately they save the mover the difficulty of having to find suppliers and manage them on their own. All this takes all the effort out of moving and allows an employees time to be spent on tasks that actually add value to the company.

There are also significant administrative advantages for companies. Mobility professionals can kickstart the entire relocation process with a single click. From there on they no longer need to worry about a thing. The platform educates and manages the employees as needed. If there are ever any questions there is a full time team of MOVE managers who can support employees – no matter what the question or issue might be. As such, the limited human resources in the start-up is not tied down to figuring out an obscure tax requirement in one country or chasing shipping in another. The entire process can be overseen in real time through the use of dashboards. Additionally, detailed reporting taking into account tax regulations and various other issues saves the mobility teams from having to do any of this themselves.

Taking all this into account, there really is no reason why a start-up should not be using a platform such as MOVE Guides. It is not only easier in terms of admin, but also reduces the overall level of admin. When you attribute a financial cost to the hours spent planning and dealing with mobility related admin it also becomes a significant cost.

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