As high-growth companies expand internationally, MOVE Guides helps you take the admin of relocating staff off your plate, whether for short-term assignments or permanent moves.


There are few challenges as demanding as working in a high growth start-up. The pressures placed on individuals and teams can be immense often stretching capabilities and resources to breaking point. It is sadly all too common to hear about the next promising idea that failed because it couldn’t scale or didn’t have capacity at a critical point in time.

Moving teams across international geographies is one of those critical points, and MOVE Guides, being a tech start-up is all too familiar with the pressures that companies face at these times.

The MOVE Guides solution is uniquely placed to benefit high growth start-ups. Through it’s very nature the product provides a significantly lower cost, easier management, and more flexible approach. All of these should be key considerations for any well run and rapidly expanding start-up seeking to relocate personnel.

MOVE Guides offers startups significant potential cost savings. An employee relocating with MOVE Guides can pick from any one of eight different services that they could need, from shipping to tax advisory. For each of these services they get to view quotes from a carefully managed global network of suppliers, each competing for the employee’s business. When applied across multiple employees who are relocating this platform naturally leads to massive cost savings – an important consideration for many startups. In some cases there are up to 320% cost differences for identical services.

Admin costs and time drains are also significantly reduced with the MOVE Guides platform. For movers all the activities they need to carry out before moving are clearly defined and set out in a task orientated fashion. There is plenty of information on hand and movers do not need to spend hours researching and second guessing their decisions. Questions relating to the move are also handled by MOVE Guides’ professional team of MOVE managers, all of whom have moved internationally throughout their lives. For companies, there are no more demands on human resources teams or managers to manage the entire process. A one click move initiation process allows managers to send off team members quickly and monitor their subsequent progress on high level dashboards. Problems are identified by the MOVE Guides team giving management peace of mind and allowing them to focus on the important issues at hand rather than figuring out the complexities of shipping goods overseas and dealing with customs paperwork.

Lastly, employees and companies are given the flexibility they need with regards to their relocation. It is common for relocation companies to force users to adhere to stringently defined policies, whereas on the MOVE Guides platform movers are free to choose what services and packages best meet their personal needs. This leads to a greater level of move satisfaction and faster acclimatisation to the destination country. Again an important factor when there are high pressures on the company each day.

The combination of these three factors; lower costs, reduced admin, and greater flexibility all make MOVE Guides an ideal platform for any high growth start-up.


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