Everyone is talking about the top 100 companies to work for. They offer great employee experience, support and more. But how can you be one without a really good way to help employees move?

On a recent trip to New York, everyone was talking about the Top 100 Companies to Work For. In almost every meeting, people asked me what they were doing for employee relocation. They are supposed to offer great employee experience and support, so they should have best-in-class relocation technology, goes the thought.

It got me thinking. What does it mean to be a great place to work? And how can MOVE Guides be a part of helping you develop that culture. Companies spend countless dollars recruiting employees --- from hotel conference room receptions to lavish sell dinners to sponsoring business school nights out --- the dollars quickly add up. But immediately after this expensive song and dance, so many companies write an employee a check and leave them alone to move across the country or world. Once they join a company, there’s growing employee engagement tools, free lunches and free time built in. But the relocation and onboarding somehow often falls by the wayside.

Gen Y and Milennials value technology in their work. They are tech savvy, having grown up with widespread internet connectivity, social networks and services booking. They also value employee experience and engagement more than any other generation. They expect modern tools in the workplace and great resources from HR and human capital departments. And when they don’t have it, there’s often a sour taste left in their mouth --- left to water cooler complaining and coffee shop banter.

Whether you’re One of the Top 100 Companies to Work For or not, you should be thinking about the whole lifecycle of employee engagement. This starts at their first touch point with your company --- that perfectly crafted first ‘meet and greet’ event, moves through to helping them relocate to a new job smoothly and continues to ongoing engagement through an employee’s tenure. MOVE Guides offers the world’s most modern and engaging employee relocation experience. We work with some of the world’s hottest startups and largest multinationals. The common theme? They all want to engage their employees in a seamless experience from beginning to end. And help them relocate, onboard and then later, move to other offices, with best-in-class technology.

MOVE Guides brings companies the world’s first relocation solution just for tech savvy employees. Engage them, support them, relocate them and be a great company to work for. On top of it, get all the critical data, tracking, management and analytics you need to ensure everything is on track.

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