MOVE Guides added two new ‘Case Studies’— a global technology company & a large retail company— and four new ‘Use Cases’ — lump sum policies, expatriate assignments, managed moves and managed budget— to our expanding resource center. See below for more information and real-life examples on how our Talent Mobility Cloud provides the right flexibility, cost containment and technology support that your employees want and your company needs for an excellent relocation experience.
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Lump sum relocation policies are rapidly growing in popularity, especially as global mobility teams look to provide flexibility to employees and businesses. But just giving cash to employees is not enough to ensure a successful transition. The Talent Mobility Cloud can be used to roll out a lump sum policy, enhance the employee experience and improve internal efficiencies.

Delivering a successful managed budget relocation policy requires the right tools and support to help employees plan their moves and help companies manage expenses, vendors and reporting. The Talent Mobility Cloud delivers successful managed budget policies, providing flexibility, simplicity and cost containment to mobility programs.

Traditional managed moves are still widely used by many companies, particularly for experienced staff and difficult locations. The Talent Mobility Cloud delivers traditional managed relocation policies with improved technology, support and expense management.

Traditional long and short-term assignments are still widely used at companies around the world. Delivering a successful long or short-term assignment is now easier than ever with the Talent Mobility Cloud.

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A Global Technology Company Case Study

MOVE Guides partnered with a high growth, global technology company to launch the Talent Mobility Cloud for their complete global mobility program. The Company worked alongside MOVE Guides to implement a best-in-class talent mobility solution tailored to their culture and different policies, providing an excellent employee experience.

A Large Global Retailer Case Study

MOVE Guides partnered with a large global retailer to launch the Talent Mobility Cloud to support their high potential executives moving through their global rotational development program. The Company worked with MOVE Guides to successfully implement the new policy structure and the Talent Mobility Cloud for employee budget management, relocation planning and vendor booking.


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