On behalf of MOVE Guides and our partner the RES Forum, I am really excited to launch our new industry research, which discusses the critical role that talent mobility plays towards the success of the 21st century organization. The paper is based on the findings from our recent joint survey of 80 HR professionals from some of the most influential companies around the world.


At MOVE Guides, we believe that success in the 21st century requires a new perspective on managing, developing and retaining global talent.

A successful 21st century organization is one that consistently outperforms its business and talent objectives. And we think there are five core pillars that can drive that success: global reach, learning culture, employee engagement, technology enablement and financial efficiency. These equip companies and their workforce with the skills, systems and data to succeed amid a changing macroeconomic landscape.

Talent mobility plays an unprecedented role in supporting success for the 21st century organization as it underpins all of the five key pillars. However, our survey reveals that companies are struggling to implement a world-class talent mobility program that delivers great outcomes for all stakeholders involved in each move.

Below are the key findings from our research that validate how talent mobility sits at the very core of the 21st century organization. 

Top talent objectives shaping the global workplace

  • 49% of companies believe sourcing staff from a global talent pool is important to company success, but only 12% of companies feel they do it effectively. 
  • 55% of respondents believe it is important to develop a leadership pipeline at their organization, but only 8% of respondents believe they are highly effective at managing that objective.
  • Less than 6% of responding organizations stated that they are highly effective at managing the process of developing appropriate career opportunities abroad for their employees.

Technology redefining the way we work today 

  • 55% believe an intuitive user interface is important to their organization, yet 14% said that their organization was effective in providing this.
  • 53% of companies felt data analytics was an important technology trend, but only 6% are using data analytics opportunities effectively.

Better talent mobility alignment with core HR and business objectives

  • 0% of respondents said their talent mobility program exceeds expectations, and only 18% said their talent mobility program meets expectations. 
  • 25% of respondents believed that talent mobility was the most time-consuming and complex HR function.
  • 10% of respondents felt their talent mobility program is effective in building a leadership pipeline and 7% of respondents said they were effective at talent retention. 

Talent mobility as the last mile of HR technology

  • Almost 72% of companies don’t use cloud technology for talent mobility management. 
  • 43% don’t have any technology solution for their program, still using excel and email to manage the complex processes, communications and reporting of talent mobility. 
  • Their top three challenges with talent mobility programs are high costs, compliance risks and too many points of contact.

Using talent mobility platforms to reduce cost and complexity

Of those companies that use technology:

  • 76% agreed that they are much more able to manage compliance risks.
  • 69% agreed that they have a much better handle on cost control for programs.
  • 76% agreed that administrative tasks have been greatly reduced through cloud platforms.

Companies can no longer delay the necessary investment in technology, processes and people to deliver a high performance talent mobility program and meet their business objectives. Is your organization ready to drive success in the 21st century?

Click here to download a free copy of our white paper.

We are also hosting a live webinar on 27 October where MOVE Guides’ CEO, Brynne Herbert, and RES Forum's Founder David Enser will discuss the key takeaways from the report. Secure your place here.


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