Over the past three years, MOVE Guides has seen growing numbers of clients reviewing their global mobility programs and policies, and looking for new and improved ways to deliver mobility benefits to employees. We see that companies are moving more employees, more frequently, and from a wider range of employee demographics. As we enter this new era of talent mobility, many companies are reviewing their policies, program structures and talent mobility value proposition.

Most notably, we have observed companies interested in managed budget relocation and assignment policies in order to provide more flexibility to employees and transparent cost projections for their businesses. Many companies are also looking toward innovative and intuitive technology solutions to optimize program administration, streamline workflow management and improve employee experiences.

This year, MOVE Guides is undertaking a comprehensive survey on talent mobility programs, policy and technology. We are specifically looking at the increased interest in delivering mobility through budgeted or lump sum policies, and the way that companies segment their policies and educate their stakeholders on which policies are appropriate for which type of employees. Our survey looks at these two emerging policies, plus traditional long and short-term policies.

We are collecting data from HR, talent acquisition and global mobility stakeholders, who represent a range of industries, company sizes and geographies. We will put together our survey data and industry knowledge into a comprehensive white paper written by Tori Reichman, MOVE Guides’ Director of Client Success, and well-recognized global mobility expert.

The goal of this survey and new white paper is to help companies, universities, governments and other institutions review their talent mobility functions and ensure they are positioned for the future. We are excited to share our findings and to shed light on today’s most important talent mobility challenges and solutions.

Brynne Herbert

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