I am excited to announce that I have joined fellow entrepreneurs from the United States and the United Kingdom in the Founders Forum for Good pledge to support charitable causes around the world. In signing up for this pledge, I have agreed to donate two percent of my personal exit proceeds to the charitable cause of my choice.

Leading a startup with a global footprint requires true grit and ruthless focus, but also a shared mission and mindfulness of those that lack the means to pursue their own goals and ambitions. It is truly inspiring for me and my team to know that as we are working to help organizations attract and deploy talent on a global scale, our success will also directly benefit those in need through the Founders Pledge.


I am joined in this pledge by prominent members of the startup community including Brent Hoberman, Henry Lane Fox and Frank Meehan of, Alexandra Depledge of Hassle, Jose Neves of Farfetch, Nick Hungerford and William Todd of Nutmeg, Damian Kimmelman and Justin Fitzpatrick of DueDil, and more.

The Founders Pledge allows technology founders to commit to charitable giving despite any lack of time, resources or certainty that they may be facing in the present moment. It is administered by the Founders Forum for Good, a not-for-profit organization that bridges the skillset and expertise of digital entrepreneurs and commercial enterprises with not-for-profits and non-governmental organizations.

The hope is that other entrepreneurs will follow suit and we can create a strong culture of giving within the startup community, be it through time, monetary donations, or pro bono work. To learn more about the Founders Pledge and meet the entrepreneurs dedicated to being a catalyst for social good, visit their website here.  


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