MOVE Guides assisted Audley Travel in developing their first global mobility policy and partnered with the HR team to successfully complete a group move from Oxfordshire to Boston to establish their first international office. Using the Talent Mobility Cloud as the hub for employee relocations, Audley Travel successfully completed all of its group moves over a six-month period. With MOVE Guides, Audley Travel ensures that their own team has the same high-quality experience during their international moves that they give clients planning their international holidays. Audley Travel continues to use MOVE Guides for ongoing employee relocation.


Audley Travel had no prior experience relocating employees. The company was opening their first international office in Boston, and was concerned about employees transitioning successfully and starting work efficiently. Audley Travel needed to create their first relocation policy, adopt their first cloud-based relocation technology and deliver their first employee relocation. To increase this challenge, Audley Travel was launching its relocation program with a large group move. Both HR and employees were nervous about the move, and wanted expert knowledge, reliable vendors and successful execution. To increase the scale of the challenge, Audley Travel wanted to tightly control costs during the group move.


Audley Travel successfully delivered their first international group move with support from MOVE Guides. After considering two traditional relocation vendors, Audley Travel decided that MOVE Guides’ unique MOVE Advocate support, configurable technology and flexible pricing was exactly what they needed for their first foray into international relocation. Without the high-cost of a traditional vendor or significant investment in internal systems, Audley Travel implemented comprehensive relocation support for international moves and delivered relocations with high satisfaction from employees. MOVE Guides’ strong vendor partnerships provided Audley Travel with the lowest rates for services costs and the expert MOVE Advocate support delivered high employee satisfaction.


  • Seamless oversight and management for Audley Travel HR
  • Centralized relocation planning for their employees with the City Guides, task management and vetted vendor network
  • Dedicated MOVE Advocates, each certified with knowledge of destination cities (eg. Boston)
  • Vendor management to ensure the most competitive pricing and reliable service for employee moves
  • Comprehensive and efficient oversight to the HR team
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