MOVE Guides is rapidly growing, bringing on new staff and clients on a daily basis, which is why our CEO, Brynne Herbert spearheaded a Lunch and Learn series for our team. These monthly meeting offer a unique opportunity to step back and reflect on where we are going as a company and learn from other great success stories.

We recently had the honour to celebrate our first Lunch and Learn session with Kevin Eyres, former EMEA managing director of LinkedIn and the first LinkedIn employee outside of the US. Kevin is currently an angel investor, board member of Essentia Analytics and the founder of GreyBella Ventures.

He was also the first person to commit to invest in MOVE Guides and has been an invaluable coach and mentor to Brynne and Steve throughout all stages of building MOVE Guides. Kevin’s presentation focused on the transformational journey from a small start-up to a rapidly expanding global business. This conversation was especially helpful as we expand our business and reflect on how our individual roles contribute to the overall success of the company

One topic that resonated with the team was our discussion on urgency versus importance. Working at a rapidly growing start-up, every situation is magnified, which can at times make it difficult to decipher between what needs instant attention and what needs long-term strategic planning.

Urgency requires an immediate, drop everything else response and usually isn't planned. These win or lose scenarios demand hyper-attention and can feel like a flight or fight scenario, leading to immediate rewards if executed successfully.

On the other hand, importance requires much more time and strategic consideration. Unlike urgency, importance involves thoughtful planning and strategic consideration. One may not feel the same immediate satisfaction as an urgent response but there is fulfilment and a feeling of success when planning leads to expected results.

Both are essential for running a successful business and understanding the difference between them both is an effective time management tool and a great way to tackle any project in the workplace.

Claire Beckenstein

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Claire Beckenstein

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