Welcome back from your summer holidays. At MOVE Guides we are very excited to hit the ground running this fall and join some of the hottest HR, technology and talent mobility events across the globe.  

Although talent mobility has been recently referred to as the "biggest role of 2015" (RES Forum), just 8% (PwC) of companies consider their mobility programs best in class. At the same time, almost 90% of companies plan to grow their internationally mobile workforce (PwC), and 93% of Gen Y expects to live and work abroad at some point in their life (MOVE Guides). Those numbers speak for themselves. The talent mobility industry needs to innovate quickly to be able to meet the requirements of a global marketplace, a new generation of workers and unprecedented technology adoption at all levels of the organization.

As we work with global organizations like Societe Generale, Adobe, Tesco and OpenTable, delivering full mobility program management to support their international needs, we are seeing first hand their recurring pain points when it comes to mobility. These issues include:

- Dissatisfied employees, moving to a new destination and a new job with little support;

- Hours spent manually consolidating reports to source and analyze data on each relocation;

- Tax and compliance issues due to the lack of transparency around finance and payroll information;

- Costs are difficult to control due to poor visibility of what relocation vendors are charging for what.

Our teams would love to meet you in person at the upcoming events we will be hosting and joining in the US, Europe and Asia, and share our learnings and best practices in easing those pain points across various industries and regions. 

See below for a full list of events and conferences that we will be attending during the rest of 2015. As always, feel free to contact info@moveguides.com to schedule a meeting with our team and visit www.moveguides.com to learn more about our technology and services platform.


 MOVE Guides Fall 2015 Event Calendar


Europe and Asia

9 September – Expat Academy Bite Size Briefing Session – London

23 September – RES Forum UK Symposium – London

29 September ­– MOVE Guides’ Lunch and Learn Panel with inHous –  London

12 October – Expat Academy Symposium – London

13 October – HR Director's Strategy Meeting – London

27 – 28 October – HR Tech Congress – Paris

3  5 November – Web Summit – Dublin

6 November – FEM EMEA Summit and EMMAs – London

10 – 12 November – HRO Today Forum Europe – Amsterdam

1 December – FEM APAC Summit and EMMAs – Hong Kong

3 December – Expat Academy Bite Size Briefing Session – London

7 – 8 December – TechCrunch Disrupt – London



9 – 11 September – FEM USA Summit and EMMAs – San Diego

21  23 September  TechCrunch Disrupt – San Francisco

25 September – RES Forum Roundtable – Boston

7 – 9 October – Global Workforce Symposium – Boston

16 – 21 October – HR Tech Conference – Las Vegas


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