This month, MOVE Guides organised its first official hackathon. Hosted in our London office, we divided our engineering team into groups of four and provided them with a challenging problem about a task management system. 

Leveraging new technologies, which we also plan to leverage in our Talent Mobility Cloud platform, the winners of the hackathon were selected based on the best problem solving strategies and engineering expertise. 


The hackathon was a great opportunity for our team to test out new technologies, think about solving problems without being constrained and unleash their engineering creativity in a collaborative team-building atmosphere.


Our team is rapidly growing, so that was also a chance for new members to quickly get up to speed with MOVE Guides’ platform and act like a product owner for the day.


The winners displayed great engineering craftsmanship. They created a clean and well-thought-out solution and it was fantastic to watch them work so well together as a strong team.

The 2015 MOVE Guides Hackathon winners were:

  • Raffaele Litto
  • Rafael Borrego
  • Hasini​ ​Mullakuri
  • Hakim Ait-Chaouche


See below for quotes from our winners!

Borrego: “Our team is growing so fast. The hackathon helped us get to know our new colleagues better and learn new technologies so that we can use them in the future to better support our customers. It was great working with my fellow engineers on a common goal.”

Litto: “I love that we started working as a team before the hackathon even kicked-off. We all collaborated together to prepare on strategy and set-up the computers so that we were ready to go the moment it started. The new technologies were really powerful and allowed us to focus on a seamless execution of the task rather than its preparation.” 

Mullakuri: “The hackathon was focused on learning and being exposed to new technologies. It was interesting to utilize our teams to build an application. They were challenging tasks and I look forward to doing another hackthon in the future.”

Ait-Chaouche: “The competition was fun and it is always great to challenge yourself. It was an opportunity to learn new technologies and it was fun to work as a team to build something great really quickly.” 

Interested in joining our team? Check out opportunities to join MOVE Guides engineering team here.


Steve Giles

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Steve Giles

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