It's the height of intern season and we're reflecting on how companies can better support intern programs in coming years.

More and more, interns are on the move. They are crossing the country and crossing the world in search of bigger, better and more interesting intern experiences to maintain their competitive edge and expand their language and cultural skills.

The burning question for businesses is: if college students are so keen, do companies need to double down to attract these go-getters?

The answer is “yes”. Why? Because the individuals who are excited by the idea of embracing new experiences, toughing it out in a foreign country or ready for the hassle of a short-term stay, are the individuals who make great employees in the long run. Pick up the phone to work out a problem with the Hong Kong office? No problem. Get on a plane to have documents signed in Germany? You bet.

Increasingly companies are searching for proactive new-hires who focus on creating innovative solutions instead of nodding compliantly with the boss. Want bold ideas from your under 25s? You want people who scream confidence, bring experience and think outside of the box. These are the people who are prepared to cross borders, or at least state lines, for an internship.

While it may seem like additional effort to attract these future titans of industry, get ready to do it. The short-term adjustment will be nothing in the long run as surrounding businesses soar under the guidance of their new Gen-Y experts.

Attracting and supporting a top-notch millennial intern-force who you can envision hiring in the long run often requires establishing support for “out-of-towners”. That includes information on what they'll need to do in order to intern in the host country as well as advice on your local area including housing setup and transportation. More and more companies are developing lump-sum programs to assist these individuals with travel, housing costs and daily living while completing their internships.

With MOVE Guides' assistance, you can sculpt a program targeted at supporting your intern population on the move. With helpful city guides, check-lists, document storage and HR dashboards to track the progress of your summer hires, you can relocate your workforce with ease. We make it simple to keep on top of their lump sum vs. spending in order to improve your policies and give them all the info they'll need including personalized company pages.

Supporting interns not only reduces stress and promotes a more positive experience for the individual, it also helps to ensure they reach a high level of productivity for the short time they are working. This doesn't just maximize the benefits of the internship for them, it also shows you what they're made of. Come the end of summer, you'll know who your aces are and will have given them an experience that'll encourage them to come back post-graduation. And what does that leave you with? Confidence that you've secured top performers capable of the work, the move and the business challenges you need solved.

Get in touch today for a demo to understand how MOVE Guides can help you to support your cross border employees and give them the support they need!

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