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In partnership with the Case Foundation, Achieve released the results from their annual Millennial Impact Report, the most comprehensive and reliable study on Millennials (age 20-30) and their attitudes toward various causes. Past reports have focused on identifying trends that will help organizations reach the next generation. According to their executive summary, during the first four years of reporting, the following trends emerged, showing that Millennials:

  • Engage with causes to help other people, not institutions
  • Support issues rather than organizations
  • Prefer to perform smaller actions before fully committing to a cause
  • Feel influenced by the decisions and behaviors of their peers
  • Treat all their assets (time, money, network, etc.) as having equal value
  • Need to experience an organization’s work without having to be on-site

By 2025, 75% of the workplace will be Millennials and this year’s report focused on applying these trends to the workplace and developing best practices for employee engagement.

According to the report, 39% of Millennials researched their company’s cause work prior to their interview and 55% were influenced to take a job after discussing cause work with potential future employers. The study found that organizations understand they must link company culture with corporate social responsibility programs to attract, retain and motivate the next generation of talent.

In order for companies to successfully work with this new demographic, they need to understand what they look for in corporate cause work (programs that companies execute to give help people and communities) and how best to engage with this socially conscious and altruistic demographic.

See below for interesting infographics and facts from their comprehensive (and fun) executive summary:

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