Want to attract the best graduates? Learn what today's graduates want in relocation support and technology.

Despite tough competition for graduate placements, companies are still having to think carefully about how to appeal to the "Millennial" generation (individuals born between 1980 and the early 2000s). This group of tech-savvy globe trotters are constantly looking for enriching experiences, work that allows them to show off their individual skills and goal-setting opportunities.

We've seen companies, focused on meeting their Millennials, trade in more traditional perks for "lifestyle benefits" such as cycle-to-work schemes and additional volunteer time to appeal to the values of their younger base. This shift also includes a change in relocation support and a move towards lump-sum policies. This is important because by 2025 roughly 75% of the workforce will be made up of these spunky go-getters necessitating a reevaluation of recruitment strategies and moving policies.

A big part of the shift in attracting young talent is emphasizing mobility and mobile support. Millennials often enquire about opportunities to do secondments in outside offices and do not hesitate to be shipped off to foreign lands in the name of career and personal enrichment. With their hunger for international experiences, they want support. However, they are looking for a very different experience than the extensive concierge services provided to older expat generations.

MOVE Guides understands these needs and wants to help companies meet the expectations of their younger employees head on. Millennials are the ultimate DIY generation and relish self-reliance as they research and book their services themselves. They want transparency, choice and good information without the white noise. MOVE Guides provides this in our concise city guides and service-provider comparisons.

MOVE Guides knows from personal experience that over-the-phone or in-person bookings are too slow and laborious for today's fast pace workers. Millennials want everything to go which means attracting graduates equals showing tech-savvy and giving them access anywhere. MOVE Guides allows employees to view and book everything through our cloud-based system and makes it easy for employers to check in on movers' statuses too.

For any company trying to stay on top of recruitment trends, emphasizing support that facilitates choice is key for the next generation of hotshot graduates. When it comes to moving, Millennials want to feel in charge but need background support. Despite the fact that 1 in 5 Millennials is bi-lingual and many are seasoned travelers, they are actually pretty new to relocation. They need low-touch, high-quality assistance that guides them through their move without imposing choices.

MOVE Guides knows from experience that in the chaos of a move, feeling on track and in control is essential for your sanity. We aim to guide movers through the process of relocating while allowing individuals to tailor their checklists to meet their needs. For employers, this is perfect for meeting the expectations of your Millennial recruitment prospects. They are provided with structure, goals and plenty of autonomy to make the choices that are right for them. That way, with the MOVE Guides process, they get all the experience they seek from moving without any of the headaches associated with doing so!


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By Brynne Herbert

Jun 06, 2013

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