For her most recent Personnel Today article, HR and technology reporter Cath Everett sat down with our CEO, Brynne Herbert to learn how MOVE Guides' cloud-based system, the Talent Mobility Cloud can improve the way companies around the world relocate employees. Click here to read the full article on Personnel Today.

In her article she referenced a recent survey conducted by MOVE Guides, stating that one of the top issues facing talent mobility management today is about containing costs and yet delivering an improved employee experience. Other challenges included dealing with compliance risks, reporting issues and managing complex workflows.

Brynne also shared the three main reasons for the momentous increase in mobile employees:

1) "Employee demographics and the fact that millennials are very keen to get experience elsewhere, so projects in other offices, time in other countries and so on."

2) " Doing business has become an increasingly global affair, which means that staff are being exported to different territories to help companies meet their business objectives."

3) "Raw talent shortages. Organisations are increasingly recruiting outside of their home market as they often cannot find the necessary talent to drive international expansion or hit headcount goals and so they look to move people for either short or long periods.”

MOVE Guides delivers full mobility program management to companies like Societe Generale, Adobe, SurveyMonkey, Tesco and more. Visit to learn how we do it.

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